2006-05-16 Cam'Ron "Triple Up" feat. 40 Cal. [Killa Season]
Got 'em on a triple beam, takin' trips with the bricks
2007-05-27 R. Kelly "Get Dirty" feat. Chamillionaire [Double Up]
Private jets, takin trips, ballin', mayne, spendin chips
2009-07-21 Trife Diesel "Heads Or Tails" [Better Late Than Never]
Taking trips, getting dipped, spending my chips at the jeweler
2003-12-23 Juvenile "Down South Posted" feat. Skip, Wacko [Juve The Great]
New jewels, new shoes, new tools, new pay, new trips, new clips, new whips
2002-11-26 Kool G Rap "My Life" [The Giancana Story]
Out-of-town trips in whips I got from Avis, drop knots in Vegas
2010-11-22 Lloyd Banks "Unexplainable" feat. Styles P [H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger For More 2)]
Foreign trips, four to five zips, heavy smokin