1999-03-09 C-Murder "Where We Wanna" feat. Goodie Mob [Bossalinie]
Gettin crunk, bumpin' in a trunk
1999-05-23 Lil' Troy "Dem Niggas" feat. Ardis [Sittin' Fat Down South]
Cuz if I get crunk, I pop the trunk
1999-10-12 Mos Def "Mr. Nigga" [Black On Both Sides]
He got the speakers in the trunk with the bass on crunk
2000-01-04 H.A.W.K. "I Can Make You Dance" feat. C-Note, DJ Screw, E.S.G., Lil' Keke [Under Hawk's Wings]
South-side crunk, pop your trunk, and make it dance
2001-12-03 Cypress Hill "Lowrider" feat. Mellow Man Ace [Stoned Raiders]
Got that crunk for yo' trunk, goin gangsta crazy
2003-03-25 The Diplomats "What's Really Good" feat. DMX [Diplomatic Immunity]
145th on this crunk, big 45th in my trunk
2012-06-05 Big K.R.I.T. "Live From The Underground" [Live From The Underground]
Oh no, pop the trunk, burn a skunk, and slam a do', do', do'
2005-03-29 The Game "Put It In The Air" feat. Sky [West Coast Resurrection]
I can teach you how to stunt, boy, and pop that trunk, boy