Fat Joe


1993-07-27 Fat Joe "Bad Bad Man" [Represent]
1994-12-06 Black Sheep "Without A Doubt" [Non-Fiction]
It's uptown in the boogie down, so don't sleep
1996-10-11 Bush Babees "The Love Song" feat. Mos Def [Gravity]
Uptown and boogie down, you get love
1998-08-11 Funkmaster Flex "Busy Bee - Freestyle" feat. Busy Bee [The Mix Tape, Vol. III]
All up in the disco fever, all uptown in the boogie down
1999-10-12 Mos Def "Love" [Black On Both Sides]
Uptown to boogie down, yo, just look around
2004-08-03 Masta Ace "Beautiful" [A Long Hot Summer]
2008-02-14 Darkim Be Allah "4 Directions" feat. Bitter Knight, K-Bar Allah, Supreme Just [The Manhattan Project]
Boogie down, uptown, keeps daily states swift
1997-10-14 Gravediggaz "Twelve Jewelz" [The Pick, The Sickle, & The Shovel]
From uptown to Bucktown, give a fuck now, Shaolin gots the crown
2002 Deadly Venoms "Can't See Me" [Still Standing]
Yo, we rock from D.C., to N.C., N.C. to uptown, uptown to Bucktown, y'all niggas ducking down
2003-10-07 Black Moon "Looking Down The Barrel" feat. Sean Price [Total Eclipse]
1993 U.N.L.V. "UNLV Style" [6th & Baronne]
Cuz every time I throw down uptown, the people gather round