Gang Starr


1991-01-15 Gang Starr "Check The Technique" [Step In The Arena]
No idea what is wack and what is dope, so check out what the Guru wrote
2000-09-05 LL Cool J "Fuhgidabowdit" feat. DMX, Method Man, Redman [G.O.A.T.]
I'm the G.O.A.T., what I wrote cause fire and smoke
2008-07-29 Elzhi "Brag Swag" [The Preface]
Get votes off shit wrote, I'm the legit G.O.A.T.
1997-01-14 MC Eiht "Represent" [Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack]
Murders I wrote, gats I tote, is my daily day mission