2010-12-07 T.I. "Everything On Me" [No Mercy]
Remy XO, leave that Hennessy alone
2001-02-27 Mac Mall "P.O.P." [Immaculate]
Smokin dope, drinkin XO, but don't fuck with no chemicals
2001 Casual "Windows" [He Think He Raw]
I'm riding a stretch Rolls, dipped in my best clothes, sippin' on XO
2013-08-27 Big Sean "Ashley" feat. Miguel [Hall of Fame]
So you sipping on XO, til I snatch you up, like "let's go"
1996-09-17 Ras Kass "Marinatin'" [Soul On Ice]
Drink was low, went to the stash, and pulled out the XO
1998-08-25 Xzibit "Let It Rain" feat. King Tee, Tha Alkaholiks [40 Dayz & 40 Nightz]
Drunk mode, sippin XO from the straw
2001-03-27 Yukmouth "New Testament Outro" feat. Kokane [Thug Lord: The New Testament]
Drinkin' XO until I throw it up, nobody can flow like Yuk