1997-10-28 Ma$e "Do You Wanna Get $?" feat. Puff Daddy [Harlem World]
Cuz Ma$e is hot, and Ma$e got a drop and a yacht and a big knot
2014-09-02 Jeezy "Seen It all" feat. Jay-Z [Seen It All]
I came alive in the drop, big-body, all white, shit looked like a yacht
2012-04-03 Nicki Minaj "Champion" feat. Drake, Nas, Young Jeezy [Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded]
You can see me on a yacht, blastin' 'Pac, little knot, I ain't greedy
2000-08-01 Southside Playaz "Hell Razor" feat. DJ Screw, Screwed Up Click [Street Game]
We got them big rocks, 3rd coast born, all up on my yacht