Snoop Dogg


1995-03-14 2Pac "It Ain't Easy" [Me Against The World]
Arguments with my boo is true, I spend mo' time with my niggaz than I do with you
1999-02-16 Mr. Serv-On "Best Friend 2" feat. C-Murder [Da Next Level]
My best friend be my lady, you my baby, boo
2002-06-25 Nelly "Dilemma" feat. Kelly Rowland [Nellyville]
Even when I'm with my boo, boy, y'know, you know I'm crazy over you
2005-07-04 Afu-Ra "Cry Baby" feat. Lady Blue, Q [State of The Arts]
I'm loving everything about you, boo
2005-10-26 Trina "Here We Go" feat. Kelly Rowland [Glamorest Life]
You better thank god I ain't have the strap, boo
2006-05-16 Cam'Ron "Wet Wipes" [Killa Season]
Oh, you a baller, boo, how tall are you?
2006-11-20 Jibbs "Bring It Back" [Jibbs Feat. Jibbs]
Don't get it twisted, I ain't sayin you could leave, boo
2007-04-13 Lil Wayne "Promise" feat. Ciara [Da Drought 3]
I hear you want somebody you can call boo
2008-03-07 Snoop Dogg "Why Did You Leave Me" [Ego Trippin]
Let me holla at you, boo, damn, I miss you
2008-12-16 Plies "Street Light" feat. Sean Garrett [Da Realist]
You got the potential, baby, to be my boo
2009-04-07 Jadakiss "I Tried" feat. Avery Storm [The Last Kiss]
My boo is gon' ride, you know I'm gon' ride too
2011-09-13 Red Cafe "Fly Together" feat. Rick Ross, Ryan Leslie [Fly Together]
Me and my boo, you know how I do
2012-04-17 Future "Astronaut Chick" [Pluto]
You don't drop off your pedestal, well, you shine like a bezel boo
1996-06-04 Monica "Ain't Nobody" feat. Naughty By Nature [The Nutty Professor Soundtrack]
Remember when I was like, "Who you?" Now you my boo-boo
1994 Bloods & Crips "Gs & Locs" [Bangin' On Wax 2... The Saga Continues]
I smoke the whole crab crew, your baby mamas too, and you
1999-04-27 Naughty By Nature "We Could Do It" feat. Big Punisher [Nineteen Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury]
That means you run train with your whole damn crew
1999-04-27 DMX "Some X Shit" [Ruff Ryders: Ryde Or Die Volume One]
I'd be spitting lead at you, to dead your crew
2009-12-31 Kendrick Lamar "Celebration" [Kendrick Lamar EP]
Just do you, nigga, show and prove, nigga
2007-10-11 Gucci Mane "Spanish Plug" [Trap-A-Thon]
What's up, nigga, what it do? I'm good, my nigga, how are you?
2008-03-07 Snoop Dogg "Press Play" feat. Kurupt [Ego Trippin]
So, what it do? I'm still at you
2013-02-03 Lil B "Twerk it Like Dat" [Pink Flame]
Girl, I like you, bitch, what it do
2014-02-16 Lil B "Appreciate You" [Basedworld Paradise]
I love you, 'ey, Africa, what it do?
2014-04-15 Dizzy Wright "Reunite For the Night" [State of Mind EP]
What it do? It's good to see you, naw it's good to see you