Celly Cel


1998-07-28 Celly Cel "Every Day Is Tha Weekend" feat. Otis, Shug [The G Filez]
Blowin' zips, chasin' chips, watchin' money flip
2005-11-08 Young Buck "Can't Keep Livin" [T.I.P.]
You niggaz still runnin yo' lips, I be runnin them zips
2005-11-15 Andre Nickatina & Equipto "Da Spitz" [Gun-Mouth 4 Hire: Horns & Halos 2]
Blow zips, split that, then swallow this
2010-11-22 Lloyd Banks "Unexplainable" feat. Styles P [H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger For More 2)]
Foreign trips, four to five zips, heavy smokin