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automobile wheels, typically with a chrome finish and an attractive design
Categories Cars, Wheels
Collocates Benz21, chop8, Timbs6, Ac5, phat4, drop4, ride4, push4, whip3, ride3, -ass3, BM3, ends3, Range3, 63, roll2, skins2, bitch2, ball2, Benzo2, bitch2, bling2, block2, deep dish2, fly2, fresh2, candy2, ice2, off that2, rhyme2, sit on2, wood-grain2, yo2, Lex2, white-wall2, ghetto-fabulous, grill, guap, hella, hoe, homie, hood, hood, hooptie, hot, hustle, hydraulics, I'mma, icy, ill, illy, knot, Lorenzo, murk off, off the chain, pimp, projects, retarded, Rover, slab, smooth, stack, stack, steady, straight, sucker duck, swerve, 3-wheel, trick, triple gold, tryna, what it is, hoo-ride, Dayton, ghetto, lac, 420, 64, and shit, Audi, baby mama, biatch, big-baller, -iggity, bomb, bump, Caddy, cavi, celly, chain, chicken, chromed-out, club, cop, crib, D's, dome, dope, dope-boy, drop-top, Escalade, fine, floss, floss, for real, game, game
Synonyms elbow, shoe, swanga
Related concepts drop, hooptie, old school, ride, skate, slab, Vogue, whip, Zenith

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