Kurtis Blow

roll with

transitive phrasal verb
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to accompany
Collocates thug4, True4, clique3, posse3, ball2, cat2, chrome2, crew2, figures2, gang2, heat2, homie2, hood2, on the low2, rock2, sawed-off2, tote2, yo2, -ass, 30-30, Ac, act like you know, AP, as fuck, baby mama, baller, battle, beef, Bentley, Benzo, biscuit, bitch, bitch, brain, brick, buddha, bumrush, cake up, chickenhead, chief, cholo, clip, Clover, crazy, D's, Daytona, dough, down, dreadlocks, drop, dunn, Dutch, fed, flip, four fifth, for real, G'd up, gat, gators, ghetto, god, grimy, hyna, herb, hollow-tip, hot one, icy, impala, iron, ish, 'jects, keep it real, kicks, LBC, lean, live, Mac, mayne, mob, nina, nuff, O.Z., on point, Optimo, Philly, player, posse up, props, rapper, real, rider, roughneck, screwface, sheisty, shit, shotta, slug, squeeze, strap, sucker duck, Timbs, trapper, trey pound, trill, Vega, vest, wet
Related concepts bumrush, clique, crew, gang, mob, roll deep

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