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a small bag of drugs, typically marijuana
Categories Quantities
Collocates yac9, slang3, blow3, cop3, crack3, kush2, spot2, stack2, fire2, doja2, weed2, chief2, twist2, glock2, club, connect, dime, dope, duff, flip, front, G, gat, ghetto-fabulous, go hard, good, got 5 on it, gram, Hennessy, herb, homie, hoo-ride, la, lac, mack, mayne, Optimo, pack, piff, pine, plug, pop, puff, rack, rap, re-up, rock, roll, roll up, serve, shady, sling, straight, strapped, throwed, true dat, 20, what's crackin', yo, dub, -ass, 50, 9, Ac, bag, beamer, beat, blazed, blow, burn, Cadillac, push someone's wig back, chill
Domains Drug Sales
Region West Coast
Synonyms bag
Related concepts 20, 50, balloon, dime, dime bag, dub, eightball, eighth, hundred-pack, nick, nickel, nickel bag, ounce, pound, quarter, trey
Related words 20-sack, twomp-sack

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