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a small bag of drugs, typically marijuana
Categories Quantities
Collocates yac9, pack4, slang4, rack4, blow3, cop3, crack3, front3, weed2, doja2, got 5 on it2, chief2, fire2, kush2, glock2, spot2, stack2, twist2, dub, duff, flip, G, gat, geeked up, ghetto-fabulous, go hard, good, gram, Hennessy, herb, homie, hoo-ride, la, lac, mack, mayne, Optimo, piff, pine, plug, pop, puff, rap, re-up, rock, roll, roll up, serve, shady, sling, straight, strapped, throwed, true dat, 20, what's crackin', yo, bitch, nick, -ass, 50, 9, Ac, bag, beamer, beat, blazed, blow, burn, Cadillac, push someone's wig back, chill, club, connect, dime, dope
Domains Drug Sales
Region West Coast
Synonyms bag
Related concepts 20, 50, balloon, dime, dime bag, dub, eightball, eighth, hundred-pack, nick, nickel, nickel bag, ounce, pound, quarter, trey
Related words 20-sack, twomp-sack

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