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a shotgun with a short barrel
Categories Metonyms, Shotguns, Weapons
Collocates 12-gauge6, bitch5, glock4, bust3, AK3, gauge3, I'mma3, pack2, pop2, punk2, boss2, bust2, chopper2, Mac2, TEC2, shell2, roll with2, dump, flip the script, fly, front, fuck with, fuck with, gangsta, go off, heater, homie, ill, jump off, K, Lex, lick, light up, loc'd, MAC-10, nina, O.G., pump, sheisty, shot, sling, soft, spray, static, step, strapped, street-sweeper, talk, tax, TEC-9, your ass is grass, trey eight, trey pound, yo, yo, squad, Calico, 380, 9, 9 millimeter, automatic, bail, big-baller, blast, block, break off, cheese, creep, crib, dip, dome, dope, down
Related concepts 12-gauge, gauge, pistol-grip, pump, shell, shotty, street-sweeper

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