2007 Apathy "Ap Is Like..." [Baptism By Fire]
That badass bastard that spaz out like hyphy
2002 Deadly Venoms "Boys In The Back" [Still Standing]
My clip be 7:30, ready to spaz out
2002-03-12 Black Knights "Bar Mitzvah" [Wu-Tang Killa Beez: The Sting]
We spaz out, had them bitches in the telly with they ass out
2001-12-17 Wu-Tang Clan "Dashing (Reasons)" [Iron Flag]
Spark the broccoli, spaz off this ghetto opery
2001-07-17 Foxy Brown "730" [Broken Silence]
Yo they say I'm 730, say I spaz out
1998-09-29 Jay-Z "Reservoir Dogs" feat. Beanie Sigel, The LOX, Sauce Money [Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life]
To the death of me, I'm spaz like I'm on ecstasy