show out

intransitive phrasal verb
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to show off;
to act out
Collocates hoe7 ends2 tryna2 roll out2 ecstasy2 stack up2 bitch boss ⋅ buck ⋅ bug ⋅ cheese club corner ⋅ dope dro e'ry ⋅ flavor hustler I'mma iced-up mayne oowop parlay pop ⋅ pull someone's card punk real ⋅ represent rock spot ⋅ sucker the Bay thug thug yo muh'fucker 84's as fuck baby mama bitch bitch
Region West coast
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the late 1880s
Synonyms flex ⋅ floss plex profile ⋅ rep ⋅ represent stunt style ⋅ swag swagger
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