Spoonie Gee

sleep on

transitive phrasal verb
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to ignore or fail to notice
Antonyms feel
Collocates I'mma4, cat3, dope2, game2, son2, game2, triple beam2, blaow, buck, creep, crew, Desert Eagle, DJ, dog, feel, flow, for sure, G, game, god, grimy, hammer, hard, hip-hop, hoe, holmes, homie, hot, pack, props, rapper, rap, rap, rhyme, shit, snatch, soft, steel, step to, sucker, the vapors, thug, what it is, yo, muh'fucker, what it is, peeps, and shit, ayo, baby mama, back in the day, beef, bitch
Related concepts hate, player-hate
Related words front on, hate on, ride on, roll on, run game on, sleep, stunt on, wild on

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