Grandmaster Flash


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Collocates fetti5, stack5, figures4, Benz3, bopper3, ends3, grind3, bitch2, blow2, chain2, chicken2, clock2, crawl2, dip2, drop2, dump2, front2, guap2, hate2, jock2, mail2, push2, swang2, trip2, lac, 24-7, 4, 4, 64, Backwoods, bitch, blades, blast, blow, blunt, bomb, bout, bump, celly, check, chicken, chill, chinchilla, chips, chop, commas, cook up, cop, corner, cream, cuff, D, digits, diss, dog, dough, drop, Dutch, feel, fiend, flip the script, floss, flow, fly, gangsta rap, gat, get over, ghost, grass, green, havin' thangs, heat, Hennessy, hoe, homeboy, hoo-ride, house, hustle, hydroponic, I'mma, iced-out, lean, Lex, loud, mayne, Mo City, mob, on swoll, on the daily, on the grind, on the low, Optimo, owl, paper, peep out, peeps, Phantom, player-hater, playa-made, powder, puff, pump, punk, rapper, raw, rep on, rhyme, ride, rims, roll up, scrill, shit, sling, sneak dis, snitch, stack, steelo, straight, street-sweep, stuntin, sucker, swanga, swang, Swisher, talk shit, thug, tip, trife, tryna, Vogue, weed, weight, yo, fed
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