Public Enemy


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a gun
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Collocates tote15 pack9 keep it real5 real4 trill3 shit2 peel someone's cap2 slang2 scrill2 chinchilla chips clap ⋅ clip cop crazy creep ⋅ double R flex ⋅ flex ⋅ for real fuck with hold it down let off mill ⋅ 9 on the real ⋅ pop ⋅ pop ⋅ pop off ⋅ sleep on squeeze ⋅ squirt ⋅ stack Strong Island the Bay vest ⋅ wood-wheel word up ⋅ bang ⋅ Hennessy ⋅ hydro thick ⋅ AP beef biatch blast ⋅ blaze ⋅ block bug out cat
Synonyms bammer biscuit booyaka burner gat heat heater iron jammy llama ratchet roscoe toast tool toolie whistle

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