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carrying a gun;
Categories Weapons
Collocates 95, gat5, tool4, roll3, pack2, MAC-102, heat2, uzi2, yac2, hood2, AK2, club2, dap2, bitch, BK, black, bust, bust a cap, Calio, cap, cat, click-clack, crib, Eagle, four fifth, fuck with, gat, gauge, grind, half-stepping, hustle, ill, K, keep it real, Lambo, let off, llama, Mac, MAC-11, Maybach, Melph, metal, Nolia, O.G., on the low, package, plexer, pop, posse, rap, rap, rap, raw, ride, roll up, roscoe, round, sack, sawed-off, shank, skully, slip, snub, stash spot, step to, trap, trap music, U.P.T., uz, what it is, whip, word up, yo, freak, -iggity, ill, shit, thick, hoodie, 45, 9 milli, stack, lac, 38, 24-7, 365, 380, beamer, beef, bent
Etymology Derives from strap
Synonyms glocked up
Related concepts pack, tote

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