Too $hort


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Collocates soldier8, hood7, hood7, homie4, tryna4, B.G.3, G3, ghetto3, rap3, thug3, bang2, bust a cap2, creep2, for real2, G2, game2, ghetto2, I'mma2, O.G.2, serve2, slug2, yo2, all about, battle, beef, bitch, block, brick, bruh, bust, bust, come up, cap, check, cipher, Clover, Compton, crew, double O.G., down, down, dump, freestyle, fuck with, game, gat, geah, H-town, hard, hip-hop, hoe, homeboy, hustle, loc, mack, mad, N.O., one deep, play, put it down, rap, rapper, rep, rider, rock, roll, serve, shit, shorty, shout-out, soft, son, straight, straight, street, sucker, tight, trip, wannabe, white, word
Domains Military
Etymology from the military expression to earn one's stripes
Synonyms rep
Related concepts hold it down, lock it down, maintain, roll up, step up, throw down

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