Too $hort


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Collocates hood6 hood6 soldier6 tryna4 homie4 thug3 B.G.3 G3 rap3 serve2 creep2 game2 O.G.2 bust a cap2 slug2 yo2 bang2 cipher ⋅ Clover Compton ⋅ crew down ⋅ down ⋅ dump freestyle ⋅ fuck with game gat geah ⋅ H-town hard hip-hop homeboy hustle loc ⋅ mack ⋅ mad N.O. ⋅ one deep ⋅ play ⋅ put it down rap rapper rider ⋅ rock roll serve ⋅ shit ⋅ shorty ⋅ shout-out ⋅ soft ⋅ son straight straight street ⋅ sucker tight trip wannabe ⋅ white ghetto for real G ghetto I'mma all about ⋅ battle ⋅ beef bitch block brick bruh ⋅ bust come up ⋅ cap ⋅ check
Domains Military
Etymology from the military expression to earn one's stripes
Synonyms rep
Related concepts hold it down lock it down ⋅ maintain roll up ⋅ step up ⋅ throw down

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