The Sugarhill Gang


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a contemptible person, especially someone who pretends to be something he's not
Antonyms baller, G, hustler, mack, mack daddy, pimp
Categories Insults
Collocates player-hate6, -ass5, clucker5, punk5, ruckus5, buster4, hoe3, mean-mug3, stunt3, gank3, static3, on point2, talk shit2, snitch2, soft2, sucker MC2, smoke2, dis2, front2, wack2, beef2, all about2, booty2, cock-block2, crazy2, punk2, rap2, drop knowledge2, simp2, diss2, corner2, bitch2, chicken2, gat, go hard, green, green, hate, the Bay, bugged-out, CPT, crew, gank, burn, chucker, cream, chain, cuddy, gangsta, crab, bruh, booyah, fed, I'mma, regulate, MC, papes, hip-hop, hype, Lex, out of pocket, sweat, parlay, playa-made, retarded, pull someone's card, show out, simp, po-po, skeeze, skeeze, set, roll, rock, rock, rapping, pop, skelly, sneak dis, steady, spot, stripes, wet, word, word up, yo, thoed, thug, wannabe, wet up, wack, wanksta, trill, trip, vest, sneak dis, trife, bust a grape, down with, body, chicken, peep out, yaper, fuck with, sleep on, ain't no thang, hip-hop, maintain, wick-wack, front, battle, Benz, Caddy, Dayton, beef, drop science, A1, knock out the box, street-sweep, stash, booty, hustler, 187, 365, assed-out, beat, bitch, bite, biter, block, cuff, dead, delf, eightball, fetti, flake, flavor, game, hater, heat, hoo-rida, Hot 97, ill, in the wind, jock, joint, juice, Lambo, cold
Synonyms bitch, buster, fuckboy, herb, punk, puto

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