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a TEC-9 (semi-)automatic handgun
Categories Weapons
Collocates tote18, vest11, Lex10, 96, Mac6, Calico5, shotty5, set4, let off4, bang3, muffler3, gauge2, glock2, I'mma2, clique2, pack2, projects2, rep2, sawed-off2, slug2, spit2, spit2, uzi2, wet2, wet2, dump2, Desert Eagle2, let off2, clip2, blunt2, blow2, flex2, dump2, four pound2, ghetto bird, grimy, gun-clap, Henny, hollow-point, hot one, hustler, icy, in effect, jook, low-low, locster, MAC-10, MAC-11, mad, MAK 90, nina, on the low, one-time, pop, push someone's wig back, Range, ratchet, round, shot, snatch, spray, spray up, squeeze, talk, thugged-out, thug, toolie, tool, touch, trey pound, uz, blicky, 'jects, 44, 64, 9 milli, Ac, all about, Benz, bitch, blaow, blast, blaze, blaze, body, bread, bust, bust, BX, cap, chin check, chopper, correct, crew, crib, D.E., dirt, dog, Eagle, indo, floss, four fifth, 45, gangsta, get busy
Etymology Derives from TEC-9
Related concepts AK, AR, chopper, MAC

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