Too $hort

the Bay

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the San Francisco Bay area
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Collocates bitch5, player5, hyphy5, G4, represent3, mob3, the A3, hood2, game2, straight2, I'mma2, chips2, rep2, stack2, clip2, 1872, hoe2, homie2, dog, dope, down with, fade, fuck with, fuck with, green, green, hater, hay, hella, hustler, ice cream man, indo, jack, janky, kick it, mayne, O.G., parlay, raw, real, sheisty, show out, slang, South Central, spray up, steel, stunt, sucker, Vogue, weed, yola, bounce, locked, Philly, hyphy, cane, A.T.L., AK, ball, bank, bitch, block, buddha, Cali, come up, Chi-town, chill, club, crunk, dank, dip
Derivatives the yay
Region West Coast
Holonyms Cali, Califas
Synonyms 510
Related concepts hyphy, O, Sac-town, V-town

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