third coast

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Texas, or other states bordering the Gulf of Mexico;
people hailing from or representing the Gulf coast
Categories Locations
Collocates slab3, for sure3, represent3, feel2, lean2, mayne2, ball2, throw down2, how we do2, fuck with2, creep, crunk, D-town, fetti, front, G, ghetto, ghost, grind, H-town, hate on, hold it down, homie, hot, hustler, I'mma, paper, player, real, representer, represent, ride, rocks, roll, shorty, shot-caller, spit, spot, syrup, throw up, wreck shop, yay, shife, 4, all about, baller, bird, block, boss, brick, bring, bust
Region Dirty South
Etymology referring to the Gulf coast in relation to East & West coasts
Meronyms H, H-town, Hustle town
Related concepts Dirty South

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