LL Cool J


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Collocates game7 bitch3 hype3 rap3 fresh2 on the low2 lac -ass 64 a-alike aight ⋅ as shit baby mama bank beat bitch bite ⋅ brain bust correct crazy crew cipher ⋅ drop flavor flow fa sheezy for sure ⋅ four fifth got 5 on it hella herb herb hit ⋅ hype j's jam ⋅ kicks laced-up ⋅ mad Medina money-maker murder on point play ⋅ player player-hate pound ⋅ pimp ⋅ rap rap rhyme shorty ⋅ shit ⋅ shout-out ⋅ slab snaps son spank steelo stripes stunt the Bay threads thug toast trife twomp-sack Vogue wack whip white-wall Zenith
Synonyms cavi crunk def dope fresh hot hype John Blaze John Blazed John Blazin off the chain off the heezy off the hizzle off the hizzy off the hook on point peng spank

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