LL Cool J


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Antonyms wack
Categories Accolades
Collocates game8, hype3, bitch3, rap3, on the low2, swag2, fresh2, bank2, hoodie2, bitch, bite, brain, bust, correct, crazy, crew, cipher, dope, drop, flavor, flow, fa sheezy, for sure, four fifth, got 5 on it, hella, herb, herb, hit, hype, j's, jam, kicks, laced-up, mad, Medina, money-maker, murder, on point, play, player, player-hate, pound, pimp, rap, rap, rhyme, rider, shorty, shit, shout-out, slab, snaps, son, spank, steelo, stripes, stunt, the Bay, threads, thug, toast, trife, turn it out, twomp-sack, Vogue, wack, whip, white-wall, Zenith, lac, -ass, 64, a-alike, aight, as shit, baby mama, beat

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