LL Cool J


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Antonyms wack
Categories Accolades
Collocates game7, bitch3, hype3, rap3, fresh2, on the low2, lac, -ass, 64, a-alike, aight, as shit, baby mama, bank, beat, bitch, bite, brain, bust, correct, crazy, crew, cipher, drop, flavor, flow, fa sheezy, for sure, four fifth, got 5 on it, hella, herb, herb, hit, hype, j's, jam, kicks, laced-up, mad, Medina, money-maker, murder, on point, play, player, player-hate, pound, pimp, rap, rap, rhyme, shorty, shit, shout-out, slab, snaps, son, spank, steelo, stripes, stunt, the Bay, threads, thug, toast, trife, twomp-sack, Vogue, wack, whip, white-wall, Zenith

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