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a gun
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Collocates pack42 tote9 act a fool7 clip7 block6 bust6 clap6 click6 I'mma5 gat4 pop4 squeeze4 strapped4 bitch3 bitch3 blast3 blast3 bust3 fam3 homie3 roll3 shot3 spray3 -ass2 452 AK-472 bang2 blaow2 blaze2 blaze2 check2 clap2 club2 cool out2 feel2 front2 ghetto2 hard2 hoe2 Mac2 mad2 peep2 plex2 pop2 posse2 shit2 son2 swag2 thick2 trap2 trip2 lac 9 AK ⋅ and shit ayo bang ⋅ beef biscuit blow ⋅ blunt brick Brownsville buck ⋅ buck-wild ⋅ bust off ⋅ cat ⋅ check ⋅ chopper clique Compton ⋅ cool ⋅ cop cream crew crib diss dope drank ⋅ drop DT dub ⋅ dump fiend ⋅ fiend ⋅ fin flex ⋅ floss FNH ⋅ fuck with G game gangsta gangsta gauge god grimy grind guap hater hate ⋅ heater herb hollow-point ⋅ hood kicks knot let off loc'd out loot ⋅ mom dukes ⋅ new jack old school old school paper piece ⋅ Piru pop ⋅ post up ⋅ pound ⋅ push rep ⋅ ride ⋅ ride ⋅ rock rock roll out roughneck ⋅ run the jewels shorty ⋅ slang spark ⋅ spit spit spray ⋅ static stick ⋅ strap ⋅ strap ⋅ swagger talk ⋅ talk shit ⋅ TEC trap uptown ⋅ uz vest ⋅ weed whip wild ⋅ wool
Synonyms bammer biscuit booyaka burner gat heat heater iron jammy llama ratchet roscoe steel toast toolie whistle

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