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a gun
Categories Weapons
Collocates pack48, tote9, bust8, act a fool7, clip7, block6, click6, clap6, pop5, gat5, squeeze5, roll5, I'mma5, spray4, fam4, club3, bust3, trip3, blast3, blast3, bitch3, strapped3, spit3, shot3, bitch3, rock3, homie3, spark2, spray2, vest2, swag2, -ass2, 452, AK-472, bang2, beef2, blaow2, blaze2, blaze2, cat2, clap2, clique2, cool out2, cop2, feel2, front2, gangsta2, ghetto2, hard2, hoe2, Mac2, peep2, plex2, pop2, son2, check2, strap2, rock, roll out, roughneck, run the jewels, shit, shorty, slang, slug, snatch, spit, static, stick, strap, swagger, talk, talk shit, TEC, thick, thug, Timbs, trap, trap, trap, uptown, uz, wack, weed, whip, wild, wool, buck-wild, fuck with, hate, herb, hood, kicks, knot, let off, loc'd out, loot, mad, mark, mom dukes, new jack, old school, old school, paper, peeps, piece, Piru, hollow-point, heater, lac, 9, AK, and shit, ayo, Backwoods, bammer, bando, biscuit, blow, blunt, brick, Brownsville, buck, burn, bust off, chain, check, chopper, Compton, cool, cream, crew, crib, dis, dope, drank, drop, DT, dub, dump, fiend, fiend, fin', flex, floss, G, game, gangsta, gauge, god, grimy, grind, guap, hater, play, pop, posse, post up, pound, project, push, rapper, rep, ride, ride
Derivatives toolie

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