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Collocates blow12, O.Z.5, cheese4, owl4, roll4, cop3, D's3, green leaf3, puff3, twist3, weed3, bitch2, fuck with2, hella2, I'mma2, ki2, lean2, O.G.2, rap2, spark up2, twist up2, yac, 83's, Backwoods, beef and broccoli, blaze, block, blow, bounce, bout, breezy, broccoli, burn, chicken, chief, chop, chronic, club, crack, crew, D, D, De Ville, dunn, Dutch, fire, 40 dog, game, go hard, government cheese, hard, haze, Hennessy, Henny, hood, hooptie, hustle, hyphy, joint, kick it, la, lifted, Olde E, on point, on the low, Optimo, perico, plug, powder, puff, purple, push, re-up, ride, roll up, scrill, sheisty, sit on, slang, snow, spark, stack, telly, Timbs, weight, whip, white, yo
Domains Drugs, Marijuana
Etymology perhaps from the cannabis bud's resemblance to a tree

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