Too $hort


intransitive verb
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to react negatively, lose one's cool
Collocates baby mama8, bitch5, bitch4, chips4, dip4, hater4, all about3, ends3, tool3, wodie3, yac2, 1872, 5-02, clip2, hoe2, keep it real2, Phillie2, po-po2, ride2, sherm2, sneak dissing2, stack2, static2, steady2, tote2, weed2, whip2, yo2, lac, -ass, four fifth, 40 ounce, all that and a bag of chips, and shit, assed-out, baby-daddy, back in the day, bae, beef, bick back, block, blunt, BM, bool, bop, bounce, bout, brick, bruh, bust, cat, cavi, chicken, chin check, chota, clique up, clip, club, cook, cuff, dank, dead president, Desert Eagle, diss, doja, dope, dope-boy, dump, ecstasy, fetti, figures, fin', flip the script, flip, floss, four pound, furl, game, glock, grind, grown, guap, H-town, Hennessy, high-saditty, hit, hood, hydroponic, I'mma, Ian, in the cut, 'jects, kick it, knock boots, let off, loc, loot, low-low, make it rain, mean-mug, murk, nickel sack, nina, 9, on point, parlay, peel someone's cap, pimp, player-hate, pound, projects, punk, purple drank, push, rapper, regulate, rip, it's all good, scratch, scrill, serve, sheisty, skrt, spit, spliff, spray, spray, straight, straight, strap, stripes, stunt, sucker, thick, throw a set, throwed, tip, trap, trapper, trife, trill, tryna, underground, vest, wet, whip, X.O.
Synonyms flip
Related concepts hate, loc out, player-hate, set-trip

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