Marley Marl


auxiliary verb
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trying to
Collocates hoe5 neck5 maintain4 on the low4 stripes4 stunt4 -ass3 bitch3 club3 diss3 guap3 oppa3 opp3 slang3 snatch3 ayo2 and shit2 bimmer2 cheese2 come up2 Cris2 cut2 fed2 front2 G2 hater2 hit a lick2 hood2 jack boy2 make it rain2 muh'fucker2 murk2 on the grind2 paper2 player-hate2 punk2 rep on2 shot2 show out2 steelo2 weight2 whip2 12 365 5-0 air out baby mama baby mama drama bands beat bend corners biatch bing bish ⋅ bit ⋅ bitch bite ⋅ bling bling block blunt bopper buck-wild ⋅ cat ⋅ chicken chill Clover commas cop crack creps cuff dick ⋅ dome ends fed figures fish scale flavor floss on flow flow fly Forgis froze fuck with fuckboy fugazi gangsta ghetto ghetto bird glizzy gun-clapper hard hate ⋅ hate on ⋅ heat holla at ⋅ homeboy hottie hustle I'mma Jacob 'jects loc ⋅ mail mine ⋅ muh ⋅ nose candy oowop P's ⋅ pack package ⋅ peeps pellet ⋅ peng peng play ⋅ player-hate player-hater plug po-po pop ⋅ props rapper rap Rari raza regulate ⋅ rep ⋅ rhyme rims rock roll up ⋅ scratch ⋅ screwface shotty skeeze slug smoke ⋅ sneak dis spot ⋅ squad stack step off ⋅ step to ⋅ swerve ⋅ talk shit ⋅ thick ⋅ thot throw shade ting ⋅ toolie touch ⋅ trap trife trill trip True turnt what it do what it do whip wodie word up ⋅ xanny Y.G. yam yo yo
Domains Everyday Grammar
Shout-outs Birdman Datsun Hummer JD Sports Lil Wayne LL Cool J Nemo Sir Mix-A-Lot Slim Jxmmi South Beach Yo Yo

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