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a Vogue white-wall tire
(typically plural with Trues)
Categories Cars, Possessions, Wheels
Collocates True20, 84's10, Zenith9, ride8, swanga7, D's7, lac6, Dayton5, hoe5, white-wall4, roll4, Caddy3, candy3, 243, sit on3, triple gold3, elbow3, blade2, blades2, D2, bitch2, hundred spoke2, slide2, old school2, roll2, wood-grain2, 642, -ass2, tip2, rapper, ride, roll, shorty, skeeze, slab, steady, stuntin, swang, swerve, the Bay, wood-wheel, I'mma, 20, 83's, low-pro, purple drank, swang, gangsta, to the fullest, 20, 4, and shit, B, Benzo, block, blow, break off, Cadillac, Chuck Taylors, deep dish, drop, dub, family, gangsta, hit a lick, holla, hooptie, Lex, mack, Mo, old school, on point, Optimo, phat, pine, pop, pop
Domains Proprietary
Related concepts 3-wheel, 64, crawl, creep, Dayton, draulics, drop, hit switches, hydraulics, low-low, low-rider, old school, ride, rims, roll, slab, slide, slip, swang, swerve, tip, True, whip, whip, wood-grain

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