Too $hort


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a large quantity of drugs intended for sale
Collocates move129, push85, block11, flip11, slang10, cake8, pump8, rhyme8, brick6, cop6, bitch5, hood5, jake5, ki5, bitch4, front4, fuck with4, game4, gram4, hustle4, hustler4, rap4, triple beam4, work4, 203, cat3, chop3, coke3, corner3, crazy3, I'mma3, paper3, raw3, sling3, spot3, weed3, bird2, clock2, connect2, crack2, dime2, ese2, fed2, figures2, flake2, G2, glock2, grind2, hate2, hoe2, hustle2, lac2, mad2, make moves2, papes2, player2, pound2, rap2, rock2, serve2, straight2, tryna2, whip2, yo2, -ass, 38, 8, ain't no thang, and shit, ayo, bag up, bag, bent, blow, brah, breezy, brolic, cane, cake, candy-coated, chicken, chronic, come up, cook up, cook, crawl, crazy, cream, crew, cuh, digits, dog, dope, drank, drive-by, ends, for sure, fam, fiend, fish scale, fuck with, furl, G, G-ride, gangsta, gangstress, grind, H-town, head, herb, hip-hop, holla, juice, kicks, kilo, laced, loc, loot, low-down, Magnolia, mail, mayne, money, O, on the grind, P-town, pack, pimp, po-po, pound, powder, profile, push someone's wig back, rapper, rap, rapping, re-up, rep, rep, rock, scrill, 718, Shaolin, skama, snatch, snitch, son, stash spot, steady, stick, straight, strapped, throwed, tree, uzi, whip, ya heard, yay, zip
Domains Drug Sales
Synonyms product, stash, supply, work
Related concepts hustle, push, serve, slang, sling, trap, trapper

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