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what's up

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What's happening? What's going on?;
a greeting
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Collocates yo6, homie4, what it do3, 5th Ward2, ayo2, blood2, bruh2, dap2, dog2, homeboy2, hops2, on wax2, son2, wodie2, yac2, 213, 40 ounce, baby mama, banger, Benzo, bitch, bounce, check, Chi-town, chill, crunk, drank, feel, 5-0, gat, get over, grill, H-town, hoe, honey-dip, hootie hoo, iced-up, it's on, j, keep it real, LBC, Oaktown, on the cut, one-time, peep out, Piru, push, represent, represent, roll on, shout-out, simon, slanger, steelo, step to, strap, stress, trill, triple O.G., wanksta, what it is, what's crackin'
Domains Everyday
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1830s

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