The Click


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Collocates ki5 serve3 blink2 straight2 block2 O.Z.2 tree2 Swisher2 cook ⋅ cop crack creep ⋅ Cris dank ⋅ dro eightball eighth ⋅ G good hoe hood hustle I'mma krill l lean mine ⋅ move on point on the cut perk pimpin ⋅ powder push rap sling ⋅ stripes tan ⋅ V-12 weed whip green 40 act a fool ⋅ around the way beef bump ⋅ cluck
Domains Cocaine Drugs
Shout-outs D12 Eminem Miami, Florida, USA Playa Fly Xanax
Synonyms A1 cane cocaina flake ice cream nose candy perico powder snow snowflake snow white V-12 white girl white horse white line yac yam yay yayo yola

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