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Collocates holla at4 what up3 stunt3 trip3 weed3 bout2 dro2 fire2 glock2 CP32 hood2 I'mma2 paper2 soldier2 brick burn ⋅ cheese club corner ⋅ crack crew crunk dog dough dub ⋅ ends feel for sure ⋅ front fuck with go hard green grind hoe holla ⋅ hot iron jock ⋅ lick ⋅ yayo Mac on lock piece ⋅ play ⋅ pop ⋅ pound ⋅ project rapping ⋅ ride ⋅ shit ⋅ slab slang spray ⋅ thug tote trill wild out ⋅ X sneak dis hard tryna yo 40 504 64 7:30 all that ⋅ and shit beef bitch bitch bitch block brah
Derivatives woe
Etymology perhaps from ward, a subdivision of New Orleans
Synonyms cuddy god homie slime vato woe

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