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a steering wheel with wood grain detail;
wooden interior features of an automobile
Categories Cars
Collocates leather4 candy3 chrome3 whip2 swang2 rims2 I'mma2 hood2 floss2 Range2 Vogue2 Cadillac ⋅ check ⋅ D's dip ⋅ game H-town hard hood Lambo Lex Mary Jane ⋅ off the chain purple drank purple stuff ⋅ push rap represent ride ⋅ slab slip ⋅ swerve ⋅ Swisher tip ⋅ toast trill twinky ⋅ wood ⋅ word ⋅ flip ⋅ 24 45 ⋅ 6 bang ⋅ barre Benz bitch brain Caddy
Domains Style
Shout-outs Armor All Bun B Chevrolet Humvee MOMO Pimp C Porsche Texas, USA
Synonyms wood ⋅ wood-wheel
Related concepts drop old school ride ⋅ slab whip

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