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word is bond

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an emphatic expression of agreement or reinforcement
Collocates yo5 god4 front3 shit3 bitch2 cat2 flow2 mad2 step to2 yo2 bust clique club crew dimepiece diss feel flavor fly fuck with hip-hop holmes ⋅ hoochie in the house ⋅ joint ⋅ keep it real kick ⋅ maintain MC mill ⋅ peace ⋅ player pop ⋅ recognize ⋅ rhyme school ⋅ serve ⋅ spit spray ⋅ steez stomp ⋅ straight talk shit ⋅ that's my word ⋅ wack wild ⋅ word is born word up ⋅ ghetto blaster ⋅ I'mma it's on nahmsayin ⋅ rap back ⋅ blaow brawl ⋅ Brick City bust
Domains Five percent
Etymology from my word is my bond, a Nation of Islam tenet

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