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Categories Abbreviations
Collocates roll5, weed4, drank4, bitch3, freaky3, Lex3, chronic2, coke2, dro2, herb2, heron2, hoe2, retarded2, grill, handlebar, hard, Hennessy, hit, homegirl, hydroponic, lean, mayne, ménage, O, on point, serve, set, slang, sprung, stack, thizz, wodie, work, X.O., angel dust, blow, blunt, booty, broccoli, BX, cane, crank, crunk, dope, ecstasy, fuck with, go hard in the paint
Domains Drugs
Etymology Derives from ecstasy
Synonyms bean, candy, e, molly, thizz, thizzle
Related concepts roll

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