Intelligent Hoodlum

ya heard

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Do you understand?
(typically emphatic)
Collocates shit6, ball3, bird3, hood3, jigga3, put it down2, rap2, street2, cop2, I'mma2, bitch2, dog2, -ass2, Hova2, MC2, pimp2, crunk, def, deuce deuce, dope, for real, front, fuck with, ghetto, grown, hate, herb, hold it down, holla, homie, hustle, Lex, Magnolia, mayne, Nolia, on the low, pie, player, pop, rap, ride, serve, shorty, slang, son, spit, swerve, twisted, gangbanger, ghetto bird, 5th Ward, 6, and shit, bark, beat, Bentley, bitch, blaze, bomb, bread, bring, bust, chill, cook, crew
Domains Everyday
Related concepts aight, no doubt, that's my word, word is bond, word up

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