South Central Cartel


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Collocates slang5, hustle4, sling3, brick3, weed2, serve2, H-town2, move2, cook2, chop2, block, blow, china white, chopper, clique, cocaina, corner, crack, crazy, dough, dro, ends, fetti, fifth, front, fuck with, go hard, good, hammer, hay, Hen, hood, indo, loco, mob, on the grind, one-time, plug, pound, push, straight, strap, Swisher, trap, triple beam, weight, whip, clucker, third coast, 5-0, A1, A.T.L., all about, angel dust, back in the day, bitch
Domains Cocaine, Drugs
Etymology Derives from yayo
Related concepts bird, bump, cake, chicken, cook, crack, crackhead, crack rock, ice cream, krill, pie, primo, rock, soap, whip, woolie, zootie

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