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an ounce of marijuana, cocaine, or some other drug
Categories Quantities
Collocates blow6, cop5, gram4, weed3, dro2, front2, kush2, move2, chips2, bitch2, brick2, purp2, double cup, drank, eighth, fire, grip, haze, homie, hustle, hydro, I'mma, ki, killer, kilo, lifted, lit, mark, mayne, nickel, O, pound, powder, quarter, rock, roll, serve, sess, slang, sticky, triple beam, weight, work, buck-fifty, 9, bag, bag up, blaze up, chop up, clip, coke, cook, cop, crack, doja
Domains Drug Sales
Synonyms O, onion, ounce
Related concepts eightball, eighth, lid, quarter
  • 1993-11-10 E-40 "Rat Heads" [Federal]
    Wanna hang hisself like a dick, just because he got popped with a half a zip
  • 1994-05-10 Saafir "Hype Shit" [Boxcar Sessions]
    The mark was on my bumper, plus, I had a zip
  • 1994-11-08 Goldy "Don't Trust Anybody" [In The Land of Funk]
    They put two zips of coke in his pockets, then they put him in handcuffs

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