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an ounce of marijuana, cocaine, or some other drug
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Collocates cop5 gram4 blow4 weed3 front2 kush2 brick2 purp2 move2 bitch2 chips2 dro2 eighth ⋅ grip ⋅ haze ⋅ homie hustle hydro I'mma ki killer kilo ⋅ lifted lit ⋅ mark ⋅ mayne nickel O ⋅ pound ⋅ powder quarter ⋅ rock sess slang triple beam weight work 9 bag ⋅ bag up ⋅ chop up ⋅ clip coke ⋅ cook ⋅ cop crack double cup ⋅ drank
Domains Drug sales
Synonyms onion O.Z.
  • 1993-11-10 E-40 "Rat Heads" [Federal]
    Wanna hang hisself like a dick, just because he got popped with a half a zip
  • 1994-05-10 Saafir "Hype Shit" [Boxcar Sessions]
    The mark was on my bumper, plus, I had a zip
  • 1994-11-08 Goldy "Don't Trust Anybody" [In The Land of Funk]
    They put two zips of coke in his pockets, then they put him in handcuffs

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